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Magnet Motor Overview

Magnet motor is a brand new alternative energy generator that available now. Do you realize what a magnet motor is? Basically, the magnet motor utilizes the powerful magnets to generate cheap electricity. The special property of polarity of magnets exerts huge force that can turn heavy blades of a turbine to generate powerful electricity.
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Two Types of Magnet Motor

Yet, sometimes people will feel confuse between permanent magnet motor and magnet motor. In fact, the mechanism between these two types of magnet motors is still the same. The permanent magnet motor is more specific if compare to magnet motor. It is powered solely via the permanent magnet. The magnet motor is a broader class which is power-assisted motors associated with a magnetic nature. Therefore, it involves the external power source.


As what we can see, the magnet motor is utilizing the power source and efficiently producing additional power than they consume. Therefore, it is great in the event if we want to save money on our power bill. On the other hand, permanent magnet motor is a standalone motor that can generate indefinite power supply for our home electricity usage. It is more powerful than the regular magnet motor as the permanent magnet motor needs a small amount or without the external power source to exert the power.


Although many people claim that there is no any working model associated with permanent magnet motor at present, we can build it ourselves! We just need to obtain the permanent magnets to establish our own permanent magnet motor.


But, how to make a working permanent magnet motor ourselves if we do not have any technical skill or engineering knowledge? In fact, Howard Johnson, an American Engineer has invented a permanent magnet motor plan to build up a DIY power generator in our house. You probably heard about Howard Johnson before. He has been acknowledged as “The Father of Spintronics”. He was one of the great inventor in last century.


Howard Johnson spent his entire life to find out the way to produce alternative energy and to create a magnetic generator which could be used in everyone’s house to get rid of pollution. He successfully invented a permanent magnet motor called “HoJo Motor”. This HoJo Motor has been awarded 3 U.S. patents. In fact, this is the only known device that has been certified by U.S. Patent Office to actually produce energy without any external power source.


Unfortunately, Howard Johnson has passed away in January 2008. He failed to release his invention to the public because of some economical issues since his invention might bring a huge profit threat to the big energy corporations. Yet, his students do not stop the effort even though Howard Johnson is not here anymore.


They just released Howard’s permanent magnet motor plan to the public recently. Finally, anyone can build their own “HoJo Motor” and produce unlimited free energy for their home. The plan is easy to follow and consists of step-by-step guideline to build this device. The technical and engineering experience becomes unnecessary if we follow this simple plan.


Check out HoJo Magnet Motor Plan here


I’m not sure whether this DIY magnet motor plan will be still available for longer. It might be shut down by those big energy corporations soon. Since this is an alternative source of energy, and it is environmental friendly, I will strongly suggest you to have a look on it.


Check out HoJo Magnet Motor Plan here


In conclusion, magnet motor is a next generation energy generator. It is a good source of alternative energy and great green product. It can help to save you money as well as saving our earth!

Thrifty Environment Friendly Energy Guidelines to Cost Less Money

If you are a tenant or perhaps don’t possess a penny to spare to convert to environment friendly power options, you can also go green with power. Perhaps when your utility company gets all of its power from petroleum products and also you have to use gas to warm your house, you can also lower your expenses and also assist the planet. Read on to figure out exactly how.

Conserve water and also the power it takes to heat it by using a water saving shower head and also being sure to the time for your showers. If you are standing around relaxing in the shower, you’re dumping cash and also power down the drain. Restrict your shower time to exactly sufficient time to get wash. If you take baths, instead of lounging about, just run a shallow tub, wash up and also get out. You are going to save a lot of cash, water and also power by doing this and also assist the environment along the way.

Do a clothesline in your yard or on your patio/balcony or above your bathtub and also air dry as much of your laundry as you can. For things which have to be dried out within the drier, don’t exaggerate it. When you over dry your cloth, it weakens the fibres, so when you only dry your clothes to the point of getting lightly damp and after that hang up them to air dry the rest of the process, you’ll cut costs and also power as well as you’ll have the ability to make use of your clothes, linens and so forth for for a longer time.

Be sure to clean your clothes in cold water. You will be amazed by how clean they end up. Always wait to wash your clothes right up until you possess a full load. It requires nearly as much power to operate a small load as a full load, thus get the maximum of the power you utilize to clean your clothes. Please note that this is also true to your dishwashing machine. Do not operate it after each meal or perhaps once per day when it isn’t full. Wait until it’s full and then run it.

Be sure to turn off lamps, TV, radio, computers and so forth when not in use. This may help you save a lot of money. You can purchase power strips to plug these items into and also just flip the switch to shut everything off when you find yourself not using them. It is speedy , simple and also smart. Furthermore, use power saving fluorescent bulbs instead of obsolete incandescent ones. These kinds of bulbs not just save power, they are also less risky due to the fact they burn cooler.

Be sure to clean the lint and also dust away from your dryer filter, the coils on the back of your refrigerator, your main heat and also air filters and/or the filters on any window of air conditioners you may have. When these areas become blocked with dust, lint and also debris, it will cause the machine or system to function harder. This takes additional power that you have to pay for. Keeping the electric gadgets and also systems clean saves cash and also power along with benefit’s the environment.

Make use of passive solar energy throughout cold weather. Allow the sunshine appear in and also heat your house. On the other hand, make sure you make use of fine thermal drapes to keep the heat out during the hot months. By paying close care about the effects of the sunshine in your home, you can save money on electricity throughout the year.

In our consumer society, we are frequent asked to use with wild abandon, but the reality is, these kinds of thrifty strategies that have truly been around for a very long time have helped generations of penny-wise individuals spend less. The fact that they also save electricity and also conserve the environment which is a happy side-effect. Follow the strategies presented here to be a fine steward of our natural resources and also possess a little extra money in your wallet.

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