Magnet Motor Wiki

Magnet Motor Wiki

Magnet Motor Wiki is still cannot be found in the internet resources yet. Therefore, I wish to create a mini magnet motor wiki myself in my website so that people may find it useful. I have segmented this mini magnet motor wiki to few parts which are magnet motor concept, magnet motor plan, magnet motor design, advantages of magnet motor and disadvantages of magnet motor.
magnet motor wiki

Mini Magnet Motor Wiki

Magnet Motor Concept

Magnet motor is a brand new alternative energy generator that available now. Basically, the magnet motor utilizes the powerful magnets to generate cheap electricity. The special property of polarity of magnets exerts huge force that can turn heavy blades of a turbine to generate powerful electricity.


Sometimes, people will feel confuse between permanent magnet motor and magnet motor. The mechanism between these two types of magnet motors is still the same. The permanent magnet motor is more specific if compare to magnet motor. It is powered solely via the permanent magnet. The magnet motor is a broader class which is power-assisted motors associated with a magnetic nature. Therefore, it involves the external power source.


There is one permanent magnet motor works at present which is HoJo magnet motor which is invented by Howard Johnson, The Father of Spintronics. You may check it out at


Magnet Motor Plan

Magnet Motor plan is a guideline that teaches people how to build their own magnet motor at home. According to the HoJo magnet motor plan, it uses 2 groups of magnets instead of one group. The groups of magnets are placed in the correct position around a rotor. The stator magnets are set into a drum with a moving drum inside. This specific thing is what makes the rotor.


Once the magnets are aligned effectively, we just need to start the motor with a little push and also from then on it may run by itself. After that, we just need to attach a rubber belt to the motor as well as fix this kind of generator, in order to make free electricity.


You can download the workable magnet motor plan at


Magnet Motor Design

Magnet motor design utilizes magnetic force to generate endless motion, or known as perpetual motion. Yet, since it gets its source of energy from itself, it is slightly different with other perpetual motion design. Once the motor has been started, it may run by itself as long as the magnets produce a lot more energy without stopping.


In case you ever wonder how water turbines as well as wind turbines generate electricity, you would realize that they use motors that use motion to generate electricity. This is exactly the same concept with magnet motor design. Magnets are embedded into the motor. The shaft of the motor is coordinated with the motion regarding the magnets. The motor is the device that uses the rotation associated with the shaft to convert mechanical energy into electricity. As a result, the strength of the magnets highly determines the functionality of a magnet motor.


In short words, magnet motor design might use the ongoing cycle of dual attraction along with repulsion associated with magnets on opposite sides of one another to develop large amounts of energy. The magnets might construct a fantastic amount of energy by pushing the magnet away or drawing it in closer.


Advantages of Magnet Motor

Nowadays electrical energy prices are skyrocketing. Every month we spend a greater percentage of our hard earned income on electrical bills. In this situation, it becomes necessary for one to generate his electrical power. Magnet motor enables us to generate electricity in our home. We need not to pay such a large bill for electricity anymore.

The magnet motor is very cheap to run and maintain. It is far better than wind and solar energy.
In addition, the energy that produced by magnet motor is clean and environmental friendly. I will not cause any environmental pollution. The energy will not cause any health problem to human too.

Disadvantages of Magnet Motor

The only disadvantage of magnet motor that I found is the availability. As this kind of design is still not the main stream yet, many big energy corporations are trying to make it hidden from the public. Therefore, not many of us know about this invention. Luckily, Howard’s students have successfully published this magnet motor guideline to the public now. However, we are not sure whether it will be stay available or not.

Mini Magnet Motor Wiki End

In conclusion, I hope that this mini magnet motor wiki can help you to understand about the magnet motor. This mini magnet motor wiki might be the only one magnet motor wiki available now. I hope that it can be spread out widely so that more people will know about this information from this mini magnet motor wiki.
Remember to check out the HoJo Magnet Motor Guideline before it has been taken down at

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