Earn a Regular Income Stream whilst Championing a Cause With Momentis

Established only in 2010, Momentis is 1 of the latest entries to the Network Marketing space. It started out as the advertising arm for Just Energy, a leading power retailer company established in 1997 by revolutionary visionaries. Recognizing the value and profound influence of network marketing, Just Energy forged a partnership with Momentis which has successfully marketed gas and electric power throughout the deregulated places in Canada and the United States which includes Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ontario, and Alberta employing the network marketing model. With much more than 1.4 million clients all over the country, it is by far the greatest retailer of clean power. It also supports a number of green initiatives nationwide.

Working with this company will give even the inexperienced networker an possibility to revolutionize green power. Most crucial of all, you’d be in a position to build a regular cash flow stream by just carrying out two easy things. One particular is to sign up individuals who are seeking for cost-effective power choices, and two is to create a group of equal minded individuals inclined to devote a moment a day with Momentis and earn considerable revenue for themselves while functioning in the comforts of their homes.

Who wouldn’t think about cost-effective power choices? And, who wouldn’t want an added, easy, regular supply of revenue by just introducing close friends and acquaintances with less costly power choices?

The company’s huge accomplishment in advertising its flagship products, all-natural gas and electric power in partnership with Just Energy opened the floodway for much more revenue possibilities for the company.

Today, it has partnered with DirectTV, a foremost satellite tv service provider to supply 285 all digital channels to subscribers in the places where it operates. It now also markets super-fast, wireless world wide web connections as a advertising arm for Clear 4G wireless network. It offers savings plus unlimited calling by way of M- Digital Service which makes use of your high speed internet connection and your existing house phones to replace the far more high-priced, conventional telephone.

The company has also included M-Mobile among its plethoria of services. M-Mobile subscription enables users to make global and long distance calls employing their mobile phones. It has gone into advertising home protection systems with its partnership with ADT the country’s number one protection provider for residential residences.

The company has even gone past offering products for residential needs and requirements by offering EnergyMizer an innovative power reduction system for business establishments meant to preserve business clients 10% to 20% of their electric power usage every month.

With an array of crucial products for the home to market, Momentis offers a distinctive earning possibility to its networkers. With a product to answer every home owner’s needs, a networker will seldom get a “no” for an answer. Recruiting and signing up clients to become representatives themselves would be a cinch. The bottom line is Momentis provides the networker with a actual possibility to create a company of his own.